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Mexican Group Elektra has accepted Bitcoin as a means of payment

Mexican Group Elektra has accepted Bitcoin as a means of payment

The Mexican retail chain Grupo Elektra has accepted Bitcoin as a means of payment, and now considers the BTC lightning network.

This is another in a series of companies in Latin America that are opting for Bitcoin as a legitimate means of payment.

The spread of Bitcoin as a method of payment

Elektra is a chain of supermarkets and banks and is part of the Mexican group “Grupo Salinas”.

As a convenience for paying with Bitcoins, Elektra offers a 20% discount on the amount of the bill.

Mexican billionaire Ricardo Salinas Piego said that Elektra was the first market chain to accept Bitcoin as a method of payment.

He believes that with this move, he matted the competition.

Payment will be made through PitPay, the US Bitcoin payment service.

Salinas is one of the richest people in Mexico and the owner of Banco Azteca, a banking business.

In June, he announced that his bank would be the first to accept Bitcoin currency.

The governor of the Bank of Mexico, Alejandro Diaz de Leon, warned him on that occasion that, due to its instability, Bitcoin is a high-risk investment.

We remind you that El Salvador was the first country to adopt Bitcoin as a legal tender, in addition to the US dollar.

The low-cost Mexican airline “Volaris” followed this example, announcing that it would accept Bitcoin in El Salvador.

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